Girls'Day 2023

Thursday, 27.04.2023

Ten motivated girls from the region can visit the E.ON Energy Research Center on Girls' Day 2023 this year, as they have since 2009.  The employees of the research center come up with exciting workshops on the topic of " Practical exercises on the topic of energy! Learn, try, have fun!" to introduce the participants to the different research areas as well as the changes brought about by sustainable energy and the requirements of interdisciplinary work:

  • Institute ACS

"What does electricity from renewable sources do on the grid?"

Would you like to try controlling the interaction between electricity production and electricity consumption in the grid yourself? We'll show you how it works and what you can do with it. And of course you can try out a lot yourself.

  • Institute EBC

"Building detectives - Where does the bad air actually come from? How can we save energy? How is escaping heat caught in the act?"

  • Institute FCN-ESE & FCN-ECO

"What do you know about energy?"

You can test your knowledge in a quiz.

  • Institute PGS

"How do you imagine electricity? What is voltage?"

We will dive into the fascinating world of electrons and perform experiments that will allow you to hear and see electricity. You will not only learn about different circuits, but also how a battery works.