Prof. Günther Schuh explains the RWTH Aachen University Campus in "Erklär's mir RWTH"


RWTH Aachen Campus is developing into one of the largest research landscapes in Europe. To date, more than 360 companies are "enrolled", meaning they can benefit from the expertise of RWTH institutes and work together with researchers on sustainable innovations. Our E.ON Energy Research Center conducts research in the Sustainable Energy Cluster. The campus offers RWTH students a unique opportunity to come into contact with companies on a scientific level and to work on real, interdisciplinary problems.

They can can learn for the "real life," as Professor Günther Schuh puts it. The managing director of RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH explains the advantages of the campus for students, companies and the entire Aachen region and what the name "Engineering Valley" means in a new issue of Erklär´s mir, RWTH!