Premier of the Aachen DC Grid Summit

Aachen DC Grid Summit Copyright: © Rzoog|Fotolia

Premiere in Aachen: The FEN Research Campus will host the Aachen DC Grid Summit (ADCGS) conference for the first time on 19 and 20 April 2018.


The two-day event, which brings international experts from research and industry together, is designed to be an R&D platform in the field of direct current (DC) grids. Parallel lecture sessions deal with issues including the automation, planning, operation and social acceptance of direct current grids.
The event is particularly conducive for exchanging new trends and developments. It is hard to find better opportunities to enter into direct dialogue with one another, to network with each other, and to exchange knowledge across disciplines in the comparatively young modern DC community. Ideally, new collaboration partners can be found, with whose support the potential of direct current technology can be used even better on a national and international level than was previously possible.

For more information visit the Website of the Aachen DC Grid Summit