EU Project Launch of FISMEP-FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform


The aim of the EU project "FiSMEP" (FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform) is to develop a cloud-based, service-oriented open-source software platform (also called FIWARE) to provide an efficient, automatic and sustainable energy supply for individual buildings and communities.

The platform concept, which is known as “Smart Energy Platform“, has already been developed in the previous EU project “FINESCE“ (Future INtErnet Smart Utility Services). FISMEP draws on the results of FINESCE and will further advance the platform by designing and adding new services to increase the flexibility of energy systems.

Our two institutes EBC and ACS, as well as the FEN Research Campus are significantly involved. In cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology, the EBC conducts the Field Test Sweden, the ACS and the FEN Research Campus will lead the Field Test Germany.

You can find further information in the press release of FISMEP.