Girls' Day 2017 at E.ON ERC

  Girls' Day am E.ON ERC Copyright: © E.ON ERC

This year, a group of six girls from the Aachen region attended "Girls' Day” at E.ON Energy Research Center. They visited various workshops on the topic “Practical Exercises on Energy! Learn, Experience and Have Fun!” Each institute at E.ON ERC designed an experiment or creative workshop in which the girls were able to learn more about the different fields of research as well as the challenges of sustainable energy and the need for interdisciplinary work.

The first workshop showed how different smells can be interpreted and evaluated to receive information on the air quality. During a quiz, the six girls could prove their knowledge on the subjects environment, energy saving and renewable energies. Another workshop provided an insight into the future problems of the electrical power supply based on a wind park model. The fifth institute of the center showed how batteries work by lighting up an LED with lemons and coke.