First Partner Meeting of the Kopernikus-Project ENSURE

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The project ENSURE (funded by the BMBF within the framework of the Kopernikus initiative) was launched with a kick-off meeting involving all project partners. The institutes ACS, FCN and PGS of the E.ON Energy Research Center (E.ON ERC) are also involved.


First Partner Meeting of the Koperikus-Project ENSURE

At the first meeting of the Kopernikus project ENSURE in Karlsruhe on November 4th, 2016, 130 project participants discussed the details of the cooperation, the work packages of the research clusters and established a project committee. At the end of the ten-year term of ENSURE, a large-scale network demonstrator will show how the developed structures and concepts of a holistic energy supply system are interlinked, thus enabling an optimized cooperation of power generators and consumers.

Electrical networks are organized across borders in Europe by now, while the market trend shows a tendency towards decentralization in the past years through the increase of renewable energies. For example, through solar systems on roof tops of private electricity customers who supply electricity themselves.

Researchers from the field of electrical engineering, engineering and business sciences, as well as information and communication technology will examine how a supply structure could look like in the future, which is adapted to the objectives of the energy revolution. It depends on their results how wind turbines and photovoltaic plants can be integrated into a sustainable supply structure, how production and consumption can be matched under the changing conditions, and what technological and systemic changes are required for that. Professor Holger Hanselka, President of the KIT University and speaker of the ENSURE directorate, explains, "Specifically, ENSURE is concerned with the question for electricty, gas or heat supply."

"We need a digital network", states Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aaachen University. He emphazised on the high demand of this project, with which innovative concepts and future orientated strategies shall be implemented. Now business models can develop directly from ambitious ideas that arise during the project. In this case, the technology would follow the markets. As part of the Kopernikus project ENSURE five research clusters will work on aspects of new network structures in three project phases. The contents for the first project phase of three years have been worked out in detail.The interaction and the exchange of research results beyond the different clusters are of outstanding importance for the research project.