FAMOS for Family 2016


Six executives of RWTH Aachen University were awarded for their family friendly personnel management.

  Famos for Family 2016 Copyright: © E.ON ERC

For the ninth time, employees of RWTH Aachen University had the chance of nominating their executives for this year’s FAMOS for Family award. The prize is awarded to people who advocate a family friendly personnel management, a sustainable employee management, a healthy work-life-balance and creativity at the workplace. The Jury consists of representatives of the rectorate, the Equality Office of the Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD and the personnel councils.

This year Professor André Bardow from the Institute for Thermodynamics, Professor Sandra Korte-Kerzel from the Institute of Materials Physics, Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten from the Research Group Gender and Diversity in Engineering, Professor Christian Raabe from the Research Group for Preservation of Historical Monuments and Historical Building Research, Professor Uwe Reisgen from the Welding and Joining Institute and Dr. Sabine Vogel from the E.ON Energy Research Center were awarded.

The award winners have distinguished themselves by creating an advanced level of family friendly working conditions by e.g. establishing a Parent-Child-Office, allowing flexible working hours as a parent or a relative providing nursing care, giving the possibility of a home office or part-time employment.

“The FAMOS for Family Award is a good instrument to strengthen family-friendly policies at the University”, Manfred Nette-koven, Chancellor of RWTH Aachen University, emphasizes. “Without these policies it would not be possible to train and educate excellent researchers at the RWTH Aachen University”. The award winners received a certificate, a glass cube and a check worth 500 Euros to spend on a team activity.

About the Award Winners

“Professor André Bardow gives parents the freedom to have a family and a career”, his employees emphasize. He gives them the possibility to schedule their working hours according to the office hours of child care and he allows the option of home office. If parents are not able to care for their child because of their profession, there is an additional support. Furthermore, there is a Child-Parent-Office in Professor Bardows Institute which is called “Nucki-Bude”.

Professor Sandra Korte-Kerzel shares a great interest in her employees living situations. She supports home office which is possible since one yeas and will be continued. If employees are not able to arrange a child care, Professor Sandra Korte-Kerzel tries to quickly find a solution.

Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten places great emphasize on the compatibility of family and job. She considers the individual living situations of her team members and assists them with flexible office schedules. She also allows home office. Her employees call her a trustworthy contact person whose support they can rely on. Furthermore, Professor Carmen Leicht-Scholten can be seen as a role model because she manages to combine a career with a family.

Professor Christian Raabe creates a family friendly atmosphere through his positive opinion about family and career. “We have the feeling that our family matters are also seen as important”, the employees emphasize. Professor Raabe regularly asks about the family and if the office hours are compatible with child care.

Professor Uwe Reisgen pays attention to the balance of family and working life in his team. To make both possible strengthens his employees and it creates a comfortable and family friendly working environment. Family matters are really important to him and he always supports his employees. He supports parents with flexible office hours and the possibility of home office.

Dr. Sabine Vogel is always there for her employees and takes her time for individual problems. She tries to find individual solution even “if it is a rather stressful situation”. Dr. Sabine Vogel implements a fair balance of all areas and the equal treatment of all employees. This year she arranged a Parent-Child-Office which is used frequently.