RWTH Science Night 2015


To present science in an unusual way and at an unusual time – this is the idea behind the “5 to 12” Science Night.

  E.ON ERC Main Building Copyright: © E.ON ERC

Again this year the E.ON ERC was both an exhibitor as well as a lecturer at the Science Night .

This exhibition is all about: "Around the energy supply of the future":

Why can’t I open the refrigerator in my kitchen at summer to cool the room? Electric current from the earth - how can that work? Why do we need most energy in our households? How does electricity come from a spinning wind turbine into the outlet?

As versatile as the questions are, is the research at E.ON Energy Research Center about the energy supply of the future. If you like to share a few thoughts on the energy supply or to view our exhibition around this topic, then you're welcome to visit us at the Super C on the 6th floor.

  Smart City Copyright: © E.ON ERC

Lecture: " Smart City - And what does that mean exactly?"

Smart City, networked city, energy transition and heat transition are just some of the words for the city of tomorrow. But what does it all mean and what really changes in our everyday lives?

In a virtual tour through the city of tomorrow, we visited a few example buildings in the city. We took a look at the question how much technology a building user has to deal with in the future, how the electrical installation in the building will look like and whether the data safety is at risk, considering even the heating will be connected to the cloud.

Lecturer: Prof. Rik W. De Doncker, Prof. Antonello Monti, Prof. Dirk Müller