New high-performance test bench inaugurated at the E.ON Energy Research Center


ThePGSis now equipped withanewtest benchfor power electronicconverters andhighspeeddrivesin the megawatt range.

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Generators with the associated power electronic components , such as drive trains of powerful wind turbines or high-speed gas turbines, but also pure power electronic components such as inverters and DC-DC converter can be testetd . Many of these components are essential for the implementation of the "Energiewende".

We achieve a variability that is, in the performance class up to 5 megawatts, unique, with this test bench. Generators, motors and turbine drives can be studied, as well as inverter or DC-DC converter . And the maximum speed of 15,000 rotations per minute at which the different mechanical components are brought up to speed on the specially crafted gear is also very unusual. This puts us in the position to examine powertrains including the built- in power electronics in an intensity and reliability, that has not been possible before.