Energy consumption behavior of private households: heterogeneity, prosuming, and rebound

  • Energieverbrauchsverhalten privater Haushalte: Heterogenit√§t, Prosuming und Rebound

Schmitz, Hendrik; Madlener, Reinhard (Thesis advisor); Lorz, Jens Oliver (Thesis advisor)

1. Auflage. - Aachen : E.ON Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen University (2020, 2021)
Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis

In: E.ON Energy Research Center ; FCN, Future energy consumer needs and behavior 83
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Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University, 2020


In order to reach the ambitious climate goals set out by the global community, a fundamental transition of the energy system is inevitable. To this end, a multitu-de of energy and climate policy measures and regulations aim at curbing energy consumption, promoting energy efficiency, and de-carbonizing the economy in numerous countries worldwide. Private households are at the core of many of these measures. Therefore, a better understanding of consumer energy de-mand is fundamental in assessing the effectiveness and economic efficiency of different policy measures that aim to influence this behavior. Virtually any human activity consumes energy, which makes analyzing energy consumption multifa-ceted and complex. This is further amplified by the fact that people usually do not consume energy directly, but rather use it as an input to provide an energy service, such as heating, cooling, transportation, or lighting. This dissertation uses a variety of econometric methods to derive insights into different aspects of household energy demand from consumer data. In particular, the three re-search articles in this thesis explore questions on heating demand in residential buildings, rebound effects for different goods and services, and the behavioral effects of energy prosuming.


  • E.ON Energy Research Center [080052]
  • Chair of Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior [816110]