3rd Annual Meeting of the Energy System Analysis Research Network at E.ON ERC


On June 23 – 24, 2019, the third annual meeting of the BMWi's Energy System Analysis research network took place at the E.ON ERC under the theme "Connecting Energy Systems" – ways to establish scientific cooperation. This year's annual meeting was the first year outside of Berlin. The meeting was organized by FCN-JERI in cooperation with Projektträger Jülich (PTJ).

The 250 guests were welcomed on June 23 by the host Professor Dr.-Ing. Aaron Praktiknjo, Junior Professor for Energy Resources and Innovation Economics. The E.ON ERC was converted into an event location for all 250 participants with a large plenary hall and several smaller workshop rooms.

The two-day event and the supporting program provided a good opportunity to network with renowned energy researchers as well as representatives of the German government. This provided the opportunity for an exchange on important research projects and their current status. The event thus served the purpose of creating more transparency and comparability in research areas.

Through the lectures, poster session and networking evening, the progress of the five working groups of the network could be analyzed and new approaches and methods for increasingly complex and dynamic energy systems were identified. The event was concluded by a night tour and a networking evening at the Forum M.


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