E.ON ERC continuously publishes up-to-date information on research results and research priorities. You can read about all that in our annual reports and brochures. Project reports of all institutes as well as posters and the newsletter, which is published several times a year, are available for download.

For research publications of E.ON ERC, please visit "Publications and Dissertations".
You can find publications of all kind at "Publications" under "About E.ON ERC".

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Projects are carried out in cooperation with other institutes and chairs.

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An excellent research infrastructure is essential to perform excellent research. The Center was able to acquire a variety of research activities in the 1,000 m2 Test Hall and other facilities. Beside the presented activities, the E.ON ERC offers numerous other research activities.

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Multidisciplinary Research at E.ON Energy Research Center

Energy research is playing a pronounced role within RWTH Aachen University, whereby numerous existing projects are generally handled on an institute or departmental level. Through its aim and its organizational structure, E.ON ERC is directed from the very beginning to look far beyond the limited discipline-specific research themes and, instead, orient itself to investigate systemic technological questions. Formally, theour professorships of the E.ON Energy Research Center are distributed among three faculties and are incorporated in their respective research and teaching areas.

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