Specific Competencies of the E.ON ERC Institutes:

ACS I Institute for Automation of Complex Power System

  • Joint analysis and design of the power grid and the communication infrastructure in future grids
  • Modern control architectures and protection techniques
  • Electrical power distribution and usage in home, neighborhood and urban energy systems
  • Distributed measurements and monitoring
  • Real time simulation and Hardware in the Loop testing

EBC I Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate

  • Energy-efficient building concepts
  • Object-oriented simulation of energy systems
  • Indoor-room climate design (thermal comfort and air quality)
  • Room air flow and ventilation effectiveness, heat generation, -storage and –distribution systems
  • Consumer behavior, end consumer comfort

FCN I Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior

  • Energy economics, -management and -policy
  • Needs and behavior of energy consumers, structural change, spatial aspects
  • Economics of technical change (including technology adoption, -diffusion and –transfer)
  • Investment and financing under uncertainty
  • Risk analysis, risk management, portfolio optimization in the energy sector
  • Quantitative modeling and analysis / empirical and experimental research in economics

PGS I Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems

  • Power electronic converters including DC converters, power converter control technology
  • DC Technology for Smart Grids, offshore wind parks, decentralized producers (CHP)
  • High-power semiconductor devices, packaging and design of semiconductors (clean room)
  • High-power drive systems, control of high-speed electric motors and generators
  • Electrochemical storage systems for grid applications
  • Analysis of components and modeling for a sustainable energy supply

As associated Institute the Institute for Applied Geophysics and Geothermal Energy (GGE) is also integrated in E.ON ERC

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Geothermal energy usage
  • Geological CO2 storage
  • Petrophysics
  • Borehole geophysics
  • Reservoir simulations