North Carolina State University - FREEDM Systems Center

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FREEDM is the Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Engineering Research Center at the North Carolina State University. Universities from the United States joined with industry partners to develop a secure, sustainable environmentally friendly electric grid. The FREEDM Center develops a network of distributed energy that is able to manage power by using secure communications and advanced power electronics, the so-called “internet of energy”. The field of research includes power electronics packaging, controls theory, solid-state transformers, fault isolation devices and power systems simulation and demonstration.



For some universities a proof of financial support is necessary. Especially universities in the United States of America often require a financial statement from students. This is also necessary even if students do not pay tuition fees. Students traveling to the U.S. need to be aware that they will be asked to provide a proof of sufficient financial support for the entire duration. The minimum support can vary (for example Carnegie Mellon University requires a minimum support of approximately 2300 $/month).

Institute at RWTH Aachen University Research Facility of Partner University Possible Research Areas
FCN - E.ON ERC FREEDM Systems Center Electric power quality, distribution engineering, transmission engineering, computer applications in power engineering, power engineering education, power system sensors and instrumentation
PGS - E.ON ERC FREEDM Systems Center Power semiconductor devices, advanced power electronics, renewable energy integration and smart grid