Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Centre for Renewable Energy

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the largest institution in Norway for engineering education. The university offers a broad academic curriculum with undergraduate and graduate programs. The Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies (CenSES) was established in 2011. CenSes is a research facility for national research on renewable energies including policymaking, energy systems and markets, innovation and scenario development. Their goal to develop environmentally friendly energy is supported by national and international researchers as well as public and private decision-makers.

Institute at RWTH Aachen University Research Facility of Partner University Possible Research Areas
ACS - E.ON ERC Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering - Department of Engineering Cybernetics Smart grid: modeling and stability analysis of power electronics systems, renewable energy: grid integration of renewable energy sources through power electronics couplings, sustainable energy supply: developments projects in developing countries
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Reliability and risk – based power system operation and planning practices, probabilistic methods applied to power system analysis, reliability – based appraisal of smart grid challenges and realisation, effect of protection system reliability on power system reliability

EBC - E.ON ERC Department of Energy and Process Engineering - Energy and Indoor Environments Energy consumption and supply, building automation, indoor environment, ventilation engineering
FCN - E.ON ERC Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Health, Environment and Safety, Industrial Economics, International Marketing and Internationalisation, Logistics and Purchasing Management, Operation Analysis, Organisational Development, Project Management

PGS - E.ON ERC Department of Electric Power Engineering - Power Apparatus Insulation materials, analysis of stresses, component designs, smartgrid

Department of Electric Power Engineering - High-voltage Equipment, Wind Power

Electric machines with focus on hydropower generators and windpower generators, subsea power system modelling (electric heating of flowlines), electromagnetic analysis and design (FEM-analysis)

Department of Electric Power Engineering - Circuit Breakers, Test Equipment

Current interruption in high voltage circuit breakers (vacuum and gas circuit breakers), new technologies for current interruption and limitation in power networks, diagnostic and condition assessment of circuit breakers, pulsed power technology, high voltage and high current test, measurement techniques

Department of Electric Power Engineering - Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Computer simulations and modelling of power systems, including electrical modelling of transformers and cables; development of simulation tools, power system protection and distributed generation, power transformer; modeling, stresses, impact of lightning on electrical power systems, including lightning induced effects and measurements of transients
GGE Department of Geoscience and Petroleum Improved mapping and monitoring of hydrocarbon reservoirs