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Aalborg University is located in Denmark and follows the principle of “Aalborg model for Problem Based Learning (PBL)”. This principle encourages the students at Aalborg University to speak their mind and acquire academic knowledge independently through interdisciplinary work. The IECP program cooperates with the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University. The Department of Energy Technology covers seven main competence areas: Electric Power Systems, Power Electronic Systems, Electrical Machines, Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, Fluid Mechanics and Combustion, Thermal Energy Systems and Esbjerg Energy Section.

Institute at RWTH Aachen University Research Facility of Partner University Possible Research Areas
ACS - E.ON ERC Technical Faculty of IT and Design

Smart grid, smart energy systems, smart city, smart mobility, thermal energy systems, energy systems, electronics (control, control theory, control and automation)

EBC - E.ON ERC Department of Civil Engineering Green building, renovating buildings sustainably
Division of Architectural Engineering Green building, renovating buildings sustainably
Strategic Research Centre on Zero Energy Buildings

Zero energy buildings

Indoor Environmental Engineering Room climate and room comfort
FCN - E.ON ERC The Technical Faculty of IT and Design Sustainability certification and development procedures
Department of Planning Social aspects of development, planning and management, social impact assessment
Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transitions Design processes, innovation and navigation of sustainable change in society
Sustainability, Innovation and Policy Sustainability, "clean tech"
The Faculty of Engineering and Science Smart grids, batteries


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