Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - RMIT University

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The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) ranks within the top 15 universities in Australia. It is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. The RMIT offers courses in fields such as business administration, design and arts, communication and digital media, natural and engineering sciences as well as education and teaching. The RMIT is one of the most recent partners in the IECP program. The collaboration between the RMIT and the RWTH Aachen comprises research areas such as smart grid technologies and applications, modulation and control of power electronic conversion systems as well as sustainable design and development.

Institute at RWTH Aachen University Research Facility of Partner University Possible Research Areas
ACS - E.ON ERC RMIT University Nonlinear and discontinuous control, complex and intelligent systems, industrial information technologies
FCN - E.ON ERC Design and Social Context Office Urban social and policy change for sustainable design and development, environmental techniques and sustainability appraisal, low carbon urban transitions
PGS - E.ON ERC School of Engineering - Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Smart grid technologies and applications, power electronic converter modulation and control, converter current regulation, active power electronic filters, resonant converters, current source converters, multilevel converters, digital control of power electronic converters

ISEA School of Engineering - Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

Modulation theory for power electronic systems, advanced converter topologies, such as multilevel and current-fed converters, high performance closed loop control and dynamic modelling of power electronic systems, power electronic applications, including motor drives, DC-DC converters for battery chargers and grid connected inverters