International Energy Cooperation Program

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Those who want to experience their studies from a different perspective, those who are interested in foreign cultures and languages and those who are interested in international contacts, are in good hands at IECP and its partner universities.


General Information

In addition to interdisciplinary research, the E.ON Energy Research Center (E.ON ERC) is distinguished by its strong national and international links with other universities, research centers or similar scientific institutions. With its branch office in Aachen, the ERC represents a central position in the center of Europe.

The International Energy Cooperation Program (IECP) offers students, scientists and researchers the opportunity to participate in research projects, exchange ideas and learn from the experiences of the partners. The closed collaborations between the E.ON Energy Research Center of RWTH Aachen University and foreign universities or institutions are spread all over the world. In terms of content, the research focus is on a different field of energy with each closed collaboration.


Research project stays and internships can be carried out as part of the IECP. The processing of Bachelor's, Master's, PhD's is only possible in exceptional cases, since the exchange is planned for the duration of a project.

For an international semester, please contact the
International Office of RWTH Aachen University.