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Name Titel Institute ISBN
Dissertations at E.ON ERC
120 2023 Maliheh Haghgoo Semantic Interoperability as a Service for the Smart Energy System ACS 978-3-948234-34-8
119 2023 Jens Teichmann Auswirkungen der Hydraulik auf das Betriebsverhalten von raumlufttechnischen Anlagen EBC 978-3-948234-33-1
118 2023 Jan Martin Specht The Energy Supplier 2.0 – Activating Private Households’ Flexibility Potential for Value Creation and Services Supply FCN 978-3-948234-32-4
117 2023 Edoardo De Din

Multi-Timescale Framework for the Voltage Control of Active Distribution Grids

ACS 978-3-948234-31-7
116 2023 Dominik Hering Optimization of district heating networks using mixed integer quadratically constrained programs EBC 978-3-948234-30-0
115 2023 Milica Bogdanovic

Towards model partitioning automation of distributed real-time power systems simulations of distribution networks

ACS 978-3-948234-29-4
114 2023 Christian Vering

Optimale Auslegung von Wärmepumpensystemen für Bestandsgebäude

EBC 978-3-948234-28-7
113 2023 Gerrit Bode

Generation of Training Data for Fault Detection and Diagnosis Algorithms Using Fault Simulation and Parameter Uncertainty

EBC 978-3-948234-27-0
112 2023 Anica Frehn

Under voltage ride through tests on nacelle test benches equipped with a power hardware in the loop setup

ACS 978-3-948234-26-3
111 2022 Jakob Teichrib

A Hybrid Semiconductor Device for Medium-Voltage DC-DC Converters - The Combination of Thyristor and Transistor Technologies



110 2022 Philipp Mehrfeld Evaluation of Heat Pump Systems Under Dynamic Operating Conditions EBC 978-3-948234-24-9
109 2022 Arne Hinz Electrical Propulsion Systems for Civil Transportation Aircraft PGS 978-3-948234-23-2


2022 Abhinav Sadu Towards resilient design of distribution grid automation system: An evaluation of its reliability against random failures and susceptibility to targeted attacks ACS 978-3-948234-22-5
107 2022 Yohan Sidik Modeling, Control, and Dynamic Stability Analysis of Two-Stage DC Collector Grids in Offshore Wind Park Clusters PGS 978-3-948234-21-8
106 2022 Thomas Schild Systematische Entwicklung strukturierter Steuerungsalgorithmen für die Gebäude- und Anlagentechnik EBC 978-3-948234-20-1
105 2022 Peter Remmen Automated Calibration of Non-Residential Urban Building Energy Modeling EBC 978-3-948234-19-5
104 2021 Ayse Tugba Atasoy Strategic and Behavioral Responses of Consumers and Producers to Energy and Environmental Policies FCN 978-3-948234-18-8
103 2021 Lefei Ge Performance Enhancement of Switched Reluctance Machines for High-speed Backup Generators: Design, Measurement and Control PGS 978-3-948234-17-1
102 2021 André Hackbarth Private Households’ Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Germany – An Empirically Founded Analysis of Adoption Decisions, Willingness-to-Pay, and Policy Scenarios FCN 978-3-948234-16-4
101 2021 Stefanie Wolff Stated Preferences Concerning Private Passenger and Light-Duty Electric Vehicles in Germany FCN 978-3-948234-15-7
100 2021 Paul Mathis Heat Transfer Enhancement in Natural Convective Channel Flows by Vortex Streets EBC 978-3-948234-14-0
99 2021 Lars Nolting Die Versorgungssicherheit mit Elektrizität im Kontext von Liberalisierung und Energiewende FCN-ESE 978-3-948234-13-3
98 2021 Ala Qawasmi Fault Current Interruption Analysis and Development of a Power Semiconductor Switch for a Medium-Voltage DC Hybrid Circuit Breaker PGS 978-3-948234-12-6
97 2021 Stefan Dähling Cloud-based Multi-Agent Systems for Flexibility Management in Future Distribution Grids ACS 978-3-948234-11-9
96 2021 Ali Virdag Design, Implementation and Analysis of DC Circuit-breaker for Low-Voltage DC Grids with Counter-current Injection Principle PGS 978-3-948234-10-2
95 2021 Rizqy Averous Analysis of the Application of a Grid Emulator to Conduct Grid Compliance Tests for Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbines A Contribution towards Ground Testing of Wind Turbines PGS 978-3-948234-09-6
94 2021 Philipp Joebges Distributed Real-Time Simulation of Modular Bidirectional DC-DC Converters for Control-Hardware-in-the-Loop PGS 978-3-948234-08-9
93 2021 Markus Schumacher Design and Assessment of Grid-driven Distributed Cogeneration EBC 978-3-948234-07-2
92 2021 Steffen Beushausen A GaN-Based Switched-Mode Gate-Drive Unit for Medium-Voltage IGBTs PGS 978-3-948234-06-5
91 2021 Ting Wang Fault Detection and Isolation in DC Distribution Grids ACS 978-3-948234-05-8


2021 Zhiqing Yang On the Stability of Three-Phase Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Inverter Systems PGS 978-3-948234-04-1
89 2021 Trung Tran Advanced hierarchical control structure for Virtual Oscillator-based distributed generation in multi-bus microgrids under different grid ACS 978-3-948234-03-4
88 2021 Ivelina Stoyanova Cooperative Energy Management and Cross-Domain Optimization for Electro-Thermal Devices at City-District and City-Level ACS 978-3-948234-02-7
87 2021 Mark Wesseling Probabilistische Bewertung von Entrauchungsanlagen EBC 978-3-948234-01-0
86 2021 Kai Rewitz Modellierung des thermischen Komforts in Kabinen-innenräumen EBC 978-3-948234-00-3
85 2020 Sonja Happ A Scalable Simulation Method for Cyber-Physical
Power Systems
ACS 978-3-942789-84-4
84 2020 Lisette Cupelli Data-driven Methods for Voltage Control in Distribution Networks: A Bottom-Up Approach ACS 978-3-942789-83-7
83 2020 Hendrik Schmitz Energy Consumption Behavior of Private Households: Heterogeneity, Prosuming, and Rebound
FCN 978-3-942789-82-0
82 2020 Markus Mirz A Dynamic Phasor Real-Time Simulation Based Digital Twin for Power Systems ACS 978-3-942789-81-3


2020 Lukas Razik High-Performance Computing Methods in Large-Scale Power System Simulation ACS 978-3-942789-80-6
80 2020 Henning Freitag Investigation of the Internal Flow Behavior in Active Chilled Beams EBC 978-3-942789-79-0
79 2020 Tim Höfer Transition Towards a Renewable Energy Infrastructure: Spatial Interdependencies and Stake-holder Preferences FCN 978-3-942789-78-3
78 2020 Robert Möller Untersuchung der Durchschlagspannung von Mineral-, Silikonölen und synthetischen Estern bei mittelfrequenten Spannungen PGS 978-3-942789-77-6
77 2019 Florian Heesen An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Heat Energy Consumption in Energy-Efficient Homes: Essays on Economic, Technical and Behavioral Aspects FCN 978-3-942789-76-9
76 2019 Hafiz Siddique The Three-Phase Dual-Active Bridge Converter Family: Modeling, Analysis, Optimization and Comparison of Two-Level and Three-Level Converter Variants PGS 978-3-942789-75-2
75 2019 Johannes Voss Multi-Megawatt Three-Phase Dual-Active Bridge DC-DC Converter PGS 978-3-942789-74-5
74 2019 Martin Möhlenkamp Thermischer Komfort bei Quellluftströmungen EBC 978-3-942789-73-8
73 2019 Andrea Angioni

Uncertainty modeling for analysis and design of monitoring systems for dynamic electrical distribution grids

ACS 978-3-942789-72-1
72 2019 Aysar Musa

Advanced Control Strategies for Stability Enhancement of Future Hybrid AC/DC Networks

ACS 978-3-942789-71-4
71 2019 Robert Ferdinand Grid Operation of HVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Farms: Power Quality and Switching Strategies ACS 978-3-942789-70-7
70 2019 Jan Schiefelbein Optimized Placement of Thermo-Electric Energy Systems in City Districts under Uncertainty EBC 978-3-942789-69-1
69 2019 Jingxin Hu Modulation and Dynamic Control of Intelligent Dual-Active-Bridge Converter Based Substations for Flexible DC Grids PGS 978-3-942789-68-4
68 2019 Shenghui Cui Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converters Interconnecting High-Voltage and Medium-Voltage DC Grids PGS 978-3-942789-67-7
67 2019 Tim Schlösser Methodology for Holistic Evaluation of Building Energy Systems under Dynamic Boundary Conditions ACS 978-3-942789-66-0
66 2019 Sara Khayyamim Centralized-decentralized Energy Management in Railway System ACS 978-3-942789-65-3


2019 Simon Pickartz Virtualization as an Enabler for Dynamic Resource Allocation in HPC ACS 978-3-942789-64-6
64 2018 Henryk Wolisz Transient Thermal Comfort Constraints for Model Predictive Heating Control EBC 978-3-942789-63-9
63 2018 Michael Diekerhof

Distributed Optimization for the Exploitation of Multi-Energy Flexibility under Uncertainty in City Districts

ACS 978-3-942789-62-2
62 2018 Baptiste Feron An optimality assessment methodology for Home Energy Management System approaches based on uncertainty analysis ACS 978-3-942789-61-5
61 2018 Lin Zhu Modeling, Control and Hardware in the Loop in Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power Systems ACS 978-3-942789-60-8
60 2018 Moritz Lauster

Parametrierbare Gebäudemodelle für dynamische Energiebedarfsrechnungen von Stadtquartieren

EBC 978-3-942789-59-2
59 2018 Julius Frieling Quantifying the Role of Energy in Aggregate Production Functions for Industrialized Countries FCN 978-3-942789-58-5
58 2018 Tanja Osterhage Messdatengestützte Analyse und Interpretation sanierungsbedingter Effizienzsteigerungen im Wohnungsbau EBC 978-3-942789-57-8
57 2018 Marcus Fuchs Graph Framework for Automated Urban Energy System Modeling EBC 978-3-942789-56-1


2018 Sebastian Stinner Quantifying and Aggregating the Flexibility of Building Energy Systems EBC 987-3-942789-55-4
55 2018 Roozbeh Sangi Development of Exergy-based Control Strategies for Building Energy Systems EBC 987-3-942789-54-7
54 2018 Veronica Galassi Experimental evidence of private energy consumer and prosumer preferences in the sustainable energy transition FCN 987-3-942789-53-0
53 2018 Michael Adolph Identification of Characteristic User Behavior with a Simple User Interface in the Context of Space Heating EBC 987-3-942789-52-3
52 2017 Pooyan Jahangiri Applications of Paraffin-Water Dispersions in Energy Distribution Systems EBC 978-3-942789-51-6
51 2017 Hassan Harb Predictive Demand Side Management Strategies for Residential Building Energy Systems EBC 978-3-942789-50-9
50 2017 Felix Adler A Digital Hardware Platform for Distributed Real-Time Simulation of Power Electronic Systems PGS 978-3-942789-49-3
49 2017 Johannes Peter Fütterer Tuning of PID Controllers within Building Energy Systems EBC 978-3-942789-48-6
48 2017 Nina Kopmann Betriebsverhalten freier Heizflächen unter zeitlich variablen Randbedingungen EBC 978-3-942789-47-9
47 2017 Mohsen Ferdowsi Data-Driven Approaches for Monitoring of Distribution Grids ACS 978-3-942789-46-2
46 2017 Tao Chen Upscaling Permeability for Fractured Porous Rocks and Modeling Anisotropic Flow and Heat Transport GGE 978-3-942789-45-5
45 2017 Andreas Bader Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur Strompreisvorhersage im kurzfristigen Intraday-Handelszeitraum PGS 978-3-942789-44-8
44 2017 Marco Stieneker Analysis of Medium-Voltage Direct-Current
Collector Grids in Offshore Wind Park
PGS 978-3-942789-43-1
43 2017 Nils Soltau High-Power Medium-Voltage DC-DC Converters: Design, Control and Demonstration PGS 978-3-942789-42-4
42 2016

Max Huber

Agentenbasierte Gebäudeautomation für raumlufttechnische Anlagen EBC 978-3-942789-41-7
41 2016 Maria Garbuzova-Schiftler The Growing ESCO Market for Energy Efficiency in Russia: A Business and Risk Analysis FCN 978-3-942789-40-0
40 2016 Xiang Wu New Approaches to Dynamic Equivalent of Active Distribution Network for Transient Analysis ACS 978-3-942789-39-4
39 2016 Timo Isermann A Multi-Agent-based Component Control and Energy Management System for Electric Vehicles ACS 978-3-942789-38-7
38 2016 Davide Calì Occupants' Behavior and its Impact upon the Energy Performance of Buildings EBC 978-3-942789-36-3
37 2016 Ernesto Garnier Distributed Energy Resources and Virtual Power Plants: Economics of Investment and Operation FCN 978-3-942789-37-0
36 2016 Gontran Pâques Development of SiC GTO Thyristors with Etched Junction Termination PGS


35 2015 Kan Chen Active Thermal Management for Residential Air Source Heat Pump Systems EBC 978-3-942789-34-9
34 2015 Marco Cupelli Advanced Control Methods for Robust Stability of MVDC Systems ACS 978-3-942789-33-2
33 2015 Yasin Sunak

Spatial Perspectives on the Economics of Renewable Energy Technologies

FCN 978-3-942789-32-5
32 2015 Christoph Molitor

Residential City Districts as Flexibility Resource: Analysis, Simulation, and Decentralized Coordination Algorithms

ACS 978-3-942789-31-8
31 2015 Kristian Huchtemann

Supply Temperature Control Concepts in Heat Pump Heating Systems

EBC 978-3-942789-30-1
30 2015 Kanali Togawa Stochastics-based Methods Enabling Testing of Grid-related Algorithms through Simulation ACS 978-3-942789-29-5
29 2015 Alexander Helmedag

System-Level Multi-Physics Power Hardware in the Loop Testing for Wind Energy Converters

ACS 978-3-942789-28-8
28 2015 Jing Wang

Design of Novel Control algorithms of Power Converters for Distributed Generation

ACS 978-3-942789-27-1
27 2015 Wilko Rohlfs Decision-Making under Multi-Dimensional Price Uncertainty for Long-Lived Energy Investments FCN 978-3-942789-26-4
26 2015 Carl Christian Michelsen

The Energiewende in the German Residential Sector: Empirical Essays on Homeowners’ Choices of Space Heating Technologies

FCN 978-3-942789-25-7
25 2015 Fei Ni Applications of Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos in Electrical Systems ACS 978-3-942789-24-0
24 2014 Christiane Rosen

Design considerations and functional analysis of local reserve energy markets for distributed generation

FCN 978-3-942789-23-3
23 2014 Giovanni Sorda

The Diffusion of Selected Renewable Energy Technologies: Modeling, Economic Impacts, and Policy Implications

FCN 978-3-942789-22-6
22 2014 Junjie Tang Probabilistic Analysis and Stability Assessment for Power Systems with Integration of Wind Generation and Synchrophasor Measurement ACS 978-3-942789-21-9
21 2014 Stephan Thomas A Medium-Voltage Multi-Level DC/DC Converter with High Voltage Transformation Ratio PGS 978-3-942789-20-2
20 2014 Claudia Kandzia

Experimentelle Untersuchung der Strömungsstrukturen in einer Mischlüftung

EBC 978-3-942789-19-6
19 2014 Junqui Liu Measurement System and Technique for Future Active Distribution Grids ACS 978-3-942789-18-9
18 2014 Björn Flieger

Innenraummodellierung einer Fahrzeugkabine in der Programmiersprache Modelica

EBC 978-3-942789-17-2
17 2014 Jie Shen Modeling Methodologies for Analysis and Synthesis of Controls and Modulation Schemes for High-Power Converters with Low Pulse Ratios PGS 978-3-942789-16-5
16 2013 Weilin Li

Fault Detection and Protection in Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power Systems

ACS 978-3-942789-15-8
15 2013 Thomas Butschen Dual-ICT – A Clever Way to Unite Conduction and Switching Optimized Properties in a Single Wafer PGS 978-3-942789-14-1
14 2013 Andrea Benigni

Latency exploitation for parallelization of power systems simulation

ACS 978-3-942789-13-4
13 2013 Christian Vogt Optimization of Geothermal Energy Reservoir Modeling using Advanced Numerical Tools for Stochastic Parameter Estimation and Quantifying Uncertainties GGE


12 2013 Jana Panašková Olfaktorische Bewertung von Emissionen aus Bauprodukten EBC 978-3-942789-11-0
11 2013 Martin Achtnicht Essays on Consumer Choices Relevant to Climate Change: Stated Preference Evidence from Germany FCN 978-3-942789-10-3
10 2013 Peter Köllensperger The Internally Commutated Thyristor - Concept, Design and Application PGS 978-3-942789-09-7
9 2013 Alexander Hoh Exergiebasierte Bewertung gebäudetechnischer Anlagen EBC 978-3-942789-08-0
8 2012 Michael Bragard The Integrated Emitter Turn-Off Thyristor - An Innovative MOS-Gated High-Power Device PGS 978-3-942789-07-3
7 2012 Fabian Brännström Einsatz hybrider RANS-LES-Turbulenzmodelle in der Fahrzeugklimatisierung EBC 978-3-942789-06-6
6 2012 Robert Lenke A Contribution to the Design of Isolated DC-DC Converters for Utility Applications PGS 978-3-942789-05-9
5 2012 Christian Dick Multi-Resonant Converters as Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracker PGS 978-3-942789-04-2
4 2012 Richard Lohwasser

Impact of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) on the European Electricity Market

FCN 978-3-942789-03-5
3 2012 Günther Westner

Four Essays related to Energy Economic Aspects of Combined Heat and Power Generation

FCN 978-3-942789-02-8
2 2011 Ali Naderi

Multi-phase, multi-species reactive transport modeling as a tool for system analysis in geological carbon dioxide storage

GGE 978-3-942789-01-1
1 2011 Rita Streblow Thermal Sensation and Comfort Model for Inhomogeneous Indoor Environments EBC



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