Questions & answers

To whom should information for students be sent?

If you offer student jobs, internships or events for students of RWTH Aachen University, you can send information regarding these to the . We will forward the information to all people of interest and publish them up in the E.ON ERC main building.

Where can I get a parking ticket for my stay at the E.ON ERC?

When parking at the E.ON ERC's parking lot, a parking ticket is required. The parking ticket is available at the reception in the main building. You can also let someone from E.ON ERC know beforehand that you're traveling by car and the parking ticket will be e-mailed to you or placed for you at the reception. Either way, the parking ticket is free of charge.

Can a company cooperate in projects?

Are you interested in cooperating in an existing project or are you looking for project partners? Then you should present detailed information to the specific institute or our , if you are not able to assign an institute to your project.