Three LEA Studies


Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH (EY) commissioned three institutes to assist in the preparation of three studies on behalf of the LandesEnergieAgentur Hessen (LEA). The studies were prepared within nine months in close cooperation with EY and in regular exchange with the LEA.

The first study, "Metastudie Sektorkopplung in Hessen," was accompanied by the Chair of Building and Indoor Climate Technology (EBC). First, possible options for sector coupling in the areas of buildings, industry and transport were worked out. Subsequently, these three sectors in Hesse were analyzed on the basis of literature and data research as well as interviews with knowledge holders. Finally, possible transformation paths for the implementation of sector coupling in Hesse were derived.

The second study "Use of renewable energies for heating and cooling in existing buildings" was accompanied by the Chair of Energy Efficient Construction (E3D). First, technologies for the use of renewable energies for heating and cooling were identified. Then, possible barriers to the use of these technologies in existing buildings were worked out, on the basis of which transformation paths for the building sector were finally developed.

The third study, "Development strategy for the charging infrastructure for electromobility in Hesse," was supported by the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS). First, three representative study areas in Hessen were selected, for which strategies, possible solutions and methods for the development of nationwide charging infrastructure were derived. Demand forecasts were created, with the help of which the existing network structures were analyzed and technical solution approaches were developed. Finally, recommendations for action were presented in order to transfer the results of the study to other areas in Hessen.

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