WirtschaftsWoche publishes an article about RWTH Aachen University

  Hauptgebäude der RWTH Aachen (links) wurde 1870 eröffnet. Das sogenannte "Super C" (rechts) beheimatet seit 2008 Copyright: © WirtschaftsWoche

In the university ranking of WirtschaftsWoche, more than 500 HR managers voted RWTH Aachen University as the number one educational facility for prospective economical, mechanical and electrical engineers. Popular student cities like Berlin and Hamburg follow with some distance.

Due to this outstanding result in the university ranking, WirtschaftsWoche published a long feature about RWTH Aachen University. It deals with the question of how the university manages to get the companies to come to the students and not the other way around. To get to the bottom of this question, WirtschaftsWoche interviews Marco Stienecker of E.ON ERC, among others.

The whole article of WirtschaftWoche can be found here.