Energeticon features a special exhibition on direct current from the FEN research campus

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In a small exhibition the research campus Flexible Electrische Netze /FEN) of the RWTH campus Melaten shows why the gradual change from an alternating to a direct current supply will be necessary in the future. The exhibition will take place from 4 May to 31 July 2018 at the Energeticon in Alsdorf and is organised by the BMBF-funded research campus FEN.
The exhibition explains the topic of direct current to visitors in an understandable way in the form of various analogue and digital formats. A comic strip and a video illustrate the history of direct current and its significance in the context of energy transition. A hands-on object illustrates the difference between direct and alternating current . With a computer game, visitors can interactively explore and design an energy landscape with renewable energies and DC networks. The touch screen used for this is intuitive to operate and is made available by the friendly support of Trianel GmbH. Also part of the exhibition is a voluntary survey for visitors, which is used for scientific work in the research campus FEN and is carried out by the partner professorship for text linguistics and technical communication at RWTH Aachen University.
The aim of the exhibition is to increase the understanding of direct current and its relevance for research, as it is becoming increasingly important in the course of the energy transition. DC simplifies a number of tasks that can only be achieved with additional effort using alternating current, which is used in the previous energy system. These include, for example, the coupling of distribution networks or the supply of quick charging points for electric vehicles. In contrast to AC networks, DC networks are also suitable for the necessary flexible energy flow between generators and consumers.