JARA ENERGY Talks with Dr. Johannes Teyssen


On February 15th 2018,  Dr. Johannes Teyssen , CEO of E.ON SE, will give a lecture at RWTH Aachen University's Generali Hall ( Super C, 6th Floor). The lecture will take place at 6:30 p.m.


Dr. Teyssen's talked under the topic "Innovations - the most important energy source of the future". He highlighted the central role of innovations in transforming the energy supply. Around 120 listeners, including scientists, students and representatives of industry, listened to his speech and asked interesting questions about the topic.

Dr. Teyssen explained the development to date and the further challenges concerning the energy transition. This included the fact that conventional energy sources are still the main energy suppliers. In addition, volatile renewable energies pose a problems regarding excess energy without suitable storage facilities.

Dr. Teyssen addressed these problems clearly and called for a change in the strategy of the energy turnaround. According to Teyssen, in addition to political incentives, the innovation strategies of energy and technology companies play an important role. This includes the introduction of a CO2 minimum price and investment incentives for the smart grids of tomorrow. The focus should be on customer benefits, and new business models should be developed on this basis. Similarly, technology companies would have to move away from subsidies and adapt to customer wishes.