ACS Project SOGNO is mentioned in Forbes


ACS has been serving as Technical Manager of the H2020 project SOGNO from 2018 to 2020. In the framework of this project, a new architecture for service-oriented network automation has been developed and tested in real grids in 3 different test sites. The results of the project influenced further research projects such as the H2020 Platone, coordinated by Prof. Monti, where the platform is further developed and tested in 3 field tests in Germany, Greece and Italy. At the same time the ACS group thought it made sense to create the conditions for a long term sustainability of the project. For this reason, Prof. Monti together with Dr. Mirz, proposed the SOGNO architecture as project in the Linux Foundation Energy. The Foundation recently accepted the project making the work of ACS a candidate to become a de-facto worldwide standard.

This success got the attention of the press as shown by a recent paper in Forbes mentioning the research in ACS as key innovation for the grid of the future.

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