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Student research assistants

Subject area PDF Contact Language
Design of the test lab setup for variable latency circuit for PLC
Description Abhinav Sadu English
Petri Nets based Dependability & Resilience of cyber-physical
Smart Grid Automation
Description Abhinav Sadu English
Characterizing a PMU for a power grid based on IEEE standard Desription Gaurav Roy English
Scalability assessment of cyber-physical smart metering energy infrastructure Description Igor Sowa English
Entwicklung eines robusten und skalierbaren
Multi-Agenten-System Frameworks basierend auf Techniken des
Description Stefan Dähling German
Development of microcontroller tool for Measurement Techniques and Distributed Intelligence for Power Systems course Description Gaurav Roy English
Development of Modelica models
of electrical components for energy grid simulation

Jan Dinkelbach

Markus Mirz

Stability Analysis of Low Voltage AC Microgrid Description Edoardo De Din English
Development of measurement device for Hybrid AC-DC grid Description Gaurav Kumar Roy English/German
Development of hardware interfaces for HIL applications Description Marco Cupelli English
Refinements of a technique for online parametric
identification of AC Power Grid Impedances and system-level
Description Marco Cupelli English

Development of a Dynamic Phasor Solver for Real-Time Simulation

Description Markus Mirz English/German
Development of an Embedded Hardware Multi-Agent System for Energy Management in a real house Description Baptiste Feron English
PyCity – an interactive platform for simulation and optimization of city districts in context of recent research projects Description Michael Diekerhof German
Containerized applications for the Smart Grid use case Description Stephan Gross English

PhD students

We are continuously looking for strongly motivated PhD student candidates with a diploma/master degree in electrical engineering who are fluent in English and German.

We are currently looking for applicants for positions within technical informatics/computer science and for Power Engineering.

Our research covers areas like:

  • Modeling, simulation and control of large and distributed power systems
  • Grid integration of renewable energy sources
  • Home energy systems
  • Grid automation
  • E-Mobility impacts on electrical grid
  • Energy management on closed systems
  • Distributed measurements and observers
  • Agent based control
  • Wide area network stability
  • Control under uncertain conditions
  • Stable and secure communication infrastructure for Power Systems
  • System Software for Power and Communication Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • High-Performamce Computing
  • Large-Scale Distributed Systems
  • Embedded and Real-Time Systems

The position allows for a PhD according to the current regulations of the RWTH Aachen. We’re happy to receive your application.

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Monti, Director ACS
Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems

For initial information, feel free to contact our Chief Engineer.

RWTH Aachen University is certified to be a family-friendly university.

At RWTH Aachen, we would especially like to encourage the careers of women, and therefore look forward to applications from female candidates. In case of equal applicability, competence and technical qualification, women will be favoured, as long as they are underrepresented within the unit of organisation and as long as there are no predominating reasons to choose a rival applicant.

Applications from handicapped candidates who meet the qualifications are explicitly encouraged.

Professor Antonello Monti, director of ACS, was awarded "FAMOS für Familie" for family-friendly managament in 2017.

Open Positions: Currently we are looking for new members of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power System espcially for the SHAR-Q project.

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